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World Pearl Market is an initiative of Meyers Tradings

We go for passion, happiness and invest in people.


Worked in healthcare. About five years ago I developed a passion for pearls. After an industrial accident, which made me think about redesigning life and work, I accidentally bought a set of pearls and bought them on successfully. Partly because of this I was caught by the pearl virus. I started doing pearl grader (pearl science) in Antwerp and I did appraisals and auctions from my own company for a longer period of time. Partly thanks to my girlfriend, Ilse, who managed to persuade me to look beyond the campsite and get on the plane, a deep passion for genuine authentic jewelry of local origin has developed, in addition to pearls. Because there is no specific training for this, I started building a library to gain knowledge and skills. I buy in during my travels. This is sold in our webshop here, and in markets. If, during travel, there are good contacts and opportunities, we would like to invest in setting up a new small production line with which we can provide someone with an income, so that we can keep busy with what our hearts lie: The purchase and sale of jewelry worldwide.


Meyers Tradings (worldpearlmarket) is a company specialized in freshwater pearls. We make pearl cords and jewelry to the customer’s taste and taste. We also offer the service for repair and repair of pearl cords. All the products you see here on the website are:

Photographed in daylight

The photos have not been modified or “photoshopped” for better effect. So you get what you see

Handmade in our own studio

Comes with a warranty card and repair service

To be able to properly assess the quality of our freshwater pearls, we do the purchasing by hand selection from the nursery or supplier. This results in our own production lines and good quality agreements can be made. For quality control purposes, employees are trained at the IGI. This is the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp. we also maintain close contacts with nurseries and suppliers worldwide to keep up to date with the latest developments. After all, a pearl remains a natural product, the quality of which can differ per harvest and region.



My name is Ilse and I have been working in healthcare for quite some time. In 2016, when I was a widow for 5 years already, I met my second great love Bas. He fascinated me with pearls. I then went into the knotting of pearl chains and restoration. I also became infected with the pearl virus. In addition, due to my many travel experiences, I was already interested in special beads in the world. I also make remembrance jewelry, for example, buttons from garments of your loved one (see my profile photo). Together with my partner Bas, we are now in markets and we travel to special places where beads and pearls can be found, in order to share our passion with people who want a jewel with a story.

We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under:

Meyers Tradings

KVK : 68303882

BTW :  NL479244541B04

email : bas@meyerstradings.com

Mobile 06-21356157

Adress : Langestraat 11-02 5038SB Tilburg

IGI student number : 114373 Antwerp Oct 13-2017